Trading and Sourcing:
We are a company who are dedicated to sourcing and supplying different kinds of products which are traded for consumer, business or government purposes, and that meets the client’s quality requirements in every aspect
Due our procurement expertise and experience, we have access a wide network of agents all over the world who are experts at sourcing products at competitive prices, thus ensuring a “value for money” transaction

Capital and  fund-raising Services
Merlett’s senior principals have extensive experience in investment finance and business consulting, as well as strong relationships with the various banks, pension funds and high-net worth entities that can assist in delivering cost-effective funding with reasonable terms.
In working with capital investors, Merlett will only present business propositions that we would be willing to invest our own money in – and we regularly do.
Independent of all institutions but enjoying powerful relationships with most, Merlett is well placed to:
•    approach development finance institutions, pension funds and banks;
•    secure or provide debt finance, equity funding, trade finance or project finance;
•    leverage our access to capital markets to ensure good pricing for clients; and
•    collaborate with clients on feasibility / bankability studies, business plans or proposals.

Our team has an intimate knowledge of how the banks processes work and how to structure a loan application to improve the chances of approval and to ensure a faster turnaround. Our in-depth understanding of the variations and differences between the offerings from the various banks ensure that we only offer you the best advice and structure the best solution for your unique requirements.